Customs Brokerage

Quick & Professional Customs Services

Customs Brokerage with GH TRANS USA

GH TRANS provide services such as:

  • GH TRANS may sign and stamp customs declarations on behalf of Customers.
  • Electronic customs declaration, remote customs declaration.
  • Use special-purpose software for customs declaration.
  • Satisfy all Customer’ demands of customs declaration.


Don’t hesitate to contact GH TRANS for consultancy of customs services:

  • Clarification for customs regulations and procedures.
  • Determination of tax quotations for certain goods.
  • Supplement suitable preferential conditions into the tax system.
  • Declare customs on-spot for separate and individual cargo.


We provide Customers with door-to-door services to help Customers quickly release goods and timely distribute to buyers or export after completing the customs declaration.

The professional and experienced staff of GH TRANS will help freight owners to complete customs procedures most effectively and efficiently. Because GH TRANS has been allowed by Customs Authority to sign import/export declaration, it will not only help save time for freight owners but also certify the responsibility and quality of customs declaration service of GH TRANS.

Minimal Processing Times

GH TRANS USA prides itself in offering quick, efficient, and effective custom brokerage services.

Experienced Staff

GH TRANS USA has developed an experienced team of destination-specific experts that can handle all your custom clearing process.

Modern Technology

GH TRANS USA uses industry-leading technology to compile current and evolving international requirements and load specifications.

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