Air Freight

Quick & Safe Air Delivery of Your Cargo

Air Freight with GH TRANS USA

GH TRANS USA offers this service at a reasonable rate at the request of each client. A professional and experienced Customer Service Team can give a quick response to arising problems in air freight. We can arrange shipment on time even in the peak season.


  • Freight agent and GSA for several famous international airlines, covering high load capacity and intensive flight frequency to almost every location in the world.
  • In order to provide the customers with more solutions than only traditional airfreight, GH TRANS USA also offer further multi-modal transport solutions such as combining ocean freight and airfreight (sea-air), transit via Singapore, and/or Dubai, providing clients with faster and more cost-effective transportation.
  • Logistics services, GH TRANS USA transport from shippers’ warehouses to airports or consignees’ warehouses such as airport to airport, door to airport, airport to door, door to door.
Low Operational Costs
Optimization Programs
Careful Handling of Valuable Goods
Employers Uniform Standards
Minimal Processing Times
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